Anti- Theft Split Solar Street Lights Design

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Anti- Theft Split Solar Street Lights Design

Anti- Theft Split Solar Street Lights Design for African countries who are in need

“ Our lamps are defective because of the theft, you can see, no panels, no battery, no lamps at all “ These kind of complaints always be heard from clients, As we known, solar street lights have been widely used in various countries, people all love and wanna adopt green energy lighting, as long as there is a road, there will be solar street lights.

BR SOLAR always focus on how to improve clients degree of satisfaction, recently we figure out a solution for one of our clients as how to be anti-theft for solar street lights and let the lighting pole become more durable. This anti theft climb thorn we use hot-dip galvanized iron steel, more than 20 years lifespan no rust, no corrosion, which protects the battery, solar panel and LED lamp from damage and theft. Clients like it very much as it highly efficient reduce the theft in local market.

BR SOLAR Split solar street lights has below advantages: 
1. Our LED lamps use solar energy to generate light energy, and use famous brand Cree /Bridgelux/ Philips Chip--super bright with high lumen 150LM/W.

2.In terms of technology, we all use hot-dip galvanized for pole and J bolts and all brackets to effectively protect metal from rust in coastal areas. The pole color can be customized.

3.The battery is hanging design, which is easy for installation and also anti-theft, durable.

Below are the pictures of our African solar street light anti-theft design for your reference.

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