6pcs 40HQ container for solar street light to Africa

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6pcs 40HQ container for solar street light to Africa

6pcs 40HQ container solar street light are loading and ready shipping to Africa, yes, 6pcs containers! Yesterday have finished loading three containers, today continue!

You know why we ship each order as soon as it's finished? Since business really booming, orders coming in one by one every day, we need more space to put them.


Here share with you some pictures of our busy factory. Did you see our Boss in these pictures? He is checking quality on site, driving and loading, he always say, it’s worth to do it for our cute clients, it’s so proud to help them to bright the road.


BR Solar, busy with producing solar street light , busy with lighting the word ! 


We treat customers as our God, concentrate on quality control! If you want to know more about us, welcome to enter www.cnsolarlight.com.

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