Benefits Of BR SOLAR Products

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Benefits Of BR SOLAR Products

Benefits Of BR SOLAR Products:
1.) History, Producing steel pole since from year 1997,and added solar panel and solar battery in year 2007,We have more than 17 years producing experience.

2.) Doing international markets since from year 2007,we have more than 8 years’ experience. The experience make us knowing solar markets well, and knowing solar standard well.

3.) BR SOLAR Marked LED Street Lights adopt:High Quality Cree,Bridgelux,Epistar Chip,100LM-150LM/W; Special quadric optical lens which cast the rays of every LED onto a rectangular area,Getting better lighting effect for drivers and pedestrian; High transparent toughened glass and stainless steel or high purity aluminum reflector making higher lamp efficiency 0.95 to the road;High quality LED Constant Current Driver, efficiency at least 90%,makes our lamp works more stable;Design with Special LED PCB with in series and in parallel lines;Lamp wire according to GB standard with Red + and Black -; Warranty:2 Years Quality,If Some Item Need 3 Years or 5 Years is available.
This Is IP67 Testing For Solar Street Lights.
Water Proof Testing Solar Street Lights

4.) BR SOLAR Marked Solar Panel: High Efficiency Crystalline Silicon with Aluminum Frame, Tempered Solar Glass, Cable, Junction Box. Warranty: 5 years based on IEC, Lifespan: 20-25 Years. 90% of peak power for 10 years, 80% for 20 years

5.) BR SOLAR Marked Solar Battery: Use gelled type solar battery

The advantage of these batteries is that it is impossible to spill acid even if they are broken.

Other Advantages:

A) Real Green Power    

Special alloys are used for the battery plate material, not including harmful materials like antimony and cadmium, etc to the environment. And the batteries also use a particular Nanomaterial Gell, so then will be impossible to spill acid even if the cover is broken.

B) Low Internal Resistance    

Using imported low-internal resistance clapboard and special craft could let the gelled battery have the advantage of low internal resistance, good battery capacity and high efficiency discharge performance.

C) Low Self-discharging Rate   

Less than 3% every month, Lead-Acid is less than 15% according to China Battery Standard.

D) Low Gassing Rate   

Gassing rate of gelled batteries is only 5% of ordinary sealed batteries.

E) Long-life Design

The lifespan is greater than 1000 times at 25℃,ordinary battery is just 600 times by Industry Standard. The lifespan will vary considerably with how it is used, how it is maintained and charged, temperature, and other factors. But usually 5-8 years.

F) Wider Temperature Range

-30℃to 55℃,Adapt well in different temperature and charge and discharge conditions

G) Extremely good discharge recovery ability

When discharging nearly to 0V, then short the battery bipolar for 24 Hrs and re-charge again fully and operate 5 times. The battery could discharge 90% of initial capacity when discharge to 10.5V every time.

6.) OEM BR SOLAR Marked Solar Controller:IP68 Protection Level,Can Use Under Terrible Weather.

7.) BR SOLAR Marked Steel Pole: Using High Quality Material Q235,Hot-dip Galvanization. Plastic Painting,

8.) BR SOLAR Marked Solar Fittings:We OEM to Produce Cable Ourselves 500M/Reel High Quality for Solar Lighting and We Add More Screws As Fittings,

9.) We Pay Attention To Quality And Every Lamp Will Do Aging Testing,Welcome Your Sample Order And Formal Orders.

10.) Warranty:2 Years Quality,If Some Item Need 3 Years or 5 Years Warranty,Pls Tell Us In Advance.

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