Double LED Street Lights

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Double LED Street Lights Double LED Street Lights

1. General Information Of Double LED Street Lights

LED Street Lights, Double Lamps design, widely used in lighting squares, plazas, mansions, parks, river banks, pedestrian streets and other occasions where lighting is required. We choose high quality LED Chip as its lighting source.


2. Double LED Street Light Technical Parameters:

Pole Height


Applicable Light Source

10W to 250W LED

Lighting Hours

8-10 Hrs/Day,11-12 Hrs/Day

Pole Material

Plastic coated on hot-dip galvanized steel pole, Q235


The design, configuration and manufacture can meet customer’s requirements or OEM


3. Double LED Street Light Advantages


The international advanced optical technology, LED rectangle form 4:1 rectangle flare, all of the light are maximum efficiency reflect on the road;


Scientific Lamp light distribution technology, special beads phosphor formula,advanced packaging technologies, high brightness of imported chip, efficacy of 120LM/W;150LM/W;


No bad glare and stroboscopic, eliminate the common streetlights caused by bad glare of dazzling, visual fatigue and viewing interference, improve the security of driving.


4. Double Lamps LED Street Lights, Can Choose White and Yellow Two Colour.

Producing Lamp:10W-250W



Model:BRLSL-D1 Double LED Street Lights

Model:BRLSL-D1 Double LED Street Lights



5. Hot-selling Model 150W Double LED Street Lights.

This Power Is Widely Using In City Lighting


   Model:BRLSL-D3 Double LED Street Light              Designed Lamp:20W-250W

LED Distribution Curve For 150W

Lux Distance Curve For 150W




6. Our Pole Packing.

We Use High Standard When Producing Our Pole. After Finishing We Also Pack The Pole Well To Protect Scratch. We Do More Business Because We Aim To Every Details And Aim To Every Customers.

Pole Packing And Pole Loading



7. Some More Pictures for Installing Double Arms LED Street Lights. 

Our LED Street Light---Effect In The Day

Our LED Street Light---Effect In The Night



BRLSL-D6 LED Street Lights Installation

      BRLSL-D2 LED Street Lights Installation




8. Other Power Double Lamps LED Street Lights For Choosing.

10W Double LED Street Lights; 12 W Double LED Street Lights;15 W Double LED Street Lights;

18 W Double LED Street Lights;20 W Double LED Street Lights;24 W Double LED Street Lights;

30 W Double LED Street Lights;36 W Double LED Street Lights;40 W Double LED Street Lights;

45 W Double LED Street Lights;50 W Double LED Street Lights;56 W Double LED Street Lights;

60 W Double LED Street Lights;70 W Double LED Street Lights;80 W Double LED Street Lights;

90 W Double LED Street Lights;100 W Double LED Street Lights;120 W Double LED Street Lights;

150 W Double LED Street Lights;180 W Double LED Street Lights;200 W Double LED Street Lights;

240 W Double LED Street Lights;250 W Double LED Street Lights;
Other Power Is Available For Choosing.

9. How To Order Our Double Lamps LED Street Lights:

Commonly Our Double Lamps LED Street Lights Price Is Based On Wholesale Type,

Quantity Based On 1*20’ HQ Container,Packing Details Pls See And Download Price List Above Points 6.

Payment Can Be Made By Western Union, Cash, T/T Or L/C.

If you are not sure this model products can meet your requirement or not,you can place a trial order,1-10PC You Can Decide Qty Accordingly Your Conditions, Better 10PC For Easier Sea Shipment.

Shipping Sample Order Can be Through Sea Shipment Or Air Shipment Or Carrier.

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