Norway 5 Sets Solar Home System In Oct. 2017

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Norway 5 Sets Solar Home System In Oct. 2017

Norway is a very beautiful country with winding straits, stretches of mountains, amazing forest. It is a tourist destination.

 This customer has own small manor. Its roof is covered with beautiful lawns. However, this small house is not connected to electricity. Therefore, he wants to purchase solar home system to generate electricity.

Since the freight cost for a single set sample is very high, we recommend that he try to find friends or anyone interested in buying solar home system so that some other people can share the cost with him. He said: yes, you are right. There are many such small house around them, in addition to their own lives can also be used as tourism development, hoping to develop the local solar home system market, so that each house can have electricity for lighting or other uses and attract more tourists.


Order quantity:5sets Solar Home System

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